Price: €180.00


Saco unissexo em pele de ovelha 100% vegetal. O sol e o toque das mãos alteram a cor ficando mais bonito e macio à medida que for usado. Sem forro.  Pode conter algumas irregularidades, imperfeições [e cicatrizes do animal, marcadas na pele]. Por favor, tenha em atenção que fazem parte da textura da pele que escolhemos | Feito em Portugal

Modelo | Mariana Kapa Guimarães

Unisex bag to use on shopping days on foot, by bike or cycle or simply for enjoying by pure vanity .

Handbag made of a single piece of 100% natural lambskin. Handmade in Portugal

Model | Mariana Kapa Guimarães

Care | We recommend combination treatment of bee wax or oil which completely permeates the hide and provides inherent resistance to moisture

Note | Contains some irregularities blemishes and scars proper of a skin without treatment. Please note that unevenness and cracks on the surface of the bag are to be considered part of its texture. Color variation and minor markings, are characteristic of vegetable tan natural leather. It starts as a pale pink and tans over time and exposure to a dark honey color. As each year passes, the leather will acquire a rich and beautiful patina that has a wealth of charm and character all of its own.